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As teachers, we are constantly trying to instil in our students the benefits of constantly challenging themselves to improve, to try new ways of learning, to read widely, search out for highly accomplished learners and apply similar techniques to improve their learning, to search for sources of inspiration and use that source to help them strive for greater learning growth and to work at creating a positive Mindset regarding their ability and learning journey. It is interesting then, that teachers (especially teachers with more ‘miles on the clock’) generally tend not to follow this ‘sage advice’ when it comes to their own teaching journey.

As time moves on, those teachers have ‘tried it all before’ or ‘maintain their current methodologies, as they have always worked’ etc…..

It is the wish of this region of my Blog to:

  1. Re-invigorate the tired teachers and remind them why they got into teaching (the LOVE of teaching & learning)
  2. To provide a vast collection of teaching ideas, strategies in many areas of teaching (curriculum, classroom management, assessment etc) which may REMIND older teachers and encourage newer teachers to try in their classrooms.
  3. To create and promote collaboration between teachers locally and globally into strong robust Professional Learning Networks that focus on improving current teacher practice and ultimately the improvement in educational outcomes of the students.


I hope you find material here useful, innovative and a source to create links between like-minded teachers around the globe because together we grow and improve.

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Yours educationally,

Darin Carr