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Communication is the KEY to success.

As a parent and a teacher, I know how important it is to be informed about how your child is travelling, both academically and socially. We as parents worry about how they are travelling, especially with friendship groups and their self-belief about their academic performance.

I work hard every year to improve my teaching with many new initiatives to try and maximise the enjoyment of the learning experiences your child gets inside my classroom. I am also trying to improve the way I communicate your child’s progress to you and have decided to make this Blog as ONE of the ways I am reaching out to keep you abreast of their progress. Other ways will be emails, phone calls, and parent teacher nights. It is my hope that together we can create amazing learning opportunities at home and in class to ensure that your child reaches their full potential by being challenged to improve.


What is Flipped Learning?

Have you experienced the following?

  1. Your child gets frustrated at home as they can’t understand their HW.
  2. You can’t understand or remember the content to help them.
  3. Your child spends TOO much time completing HW.
  4. Your child has blanks in their book because they are slow writers and frequently.
  5. Your child is late to class OR away due to sickness and then is behind or doesn’t understand missed work.
  6. Your child feels that the teacher doesn’t know them from a bar of soap.
  7.  Your child wants help, but finds it hard to find the busy teacher.



Well, Flipped teaching solves these and many more. Please watch the video for further details of how I will be using this more this year to solve these issues.


As always, if you have questions, concerns please contact me as soon as possible so we can clarify / solve the situation. I want the learning process for your child, yourself and myself to be positive experience where they grow into the amazing person they are with all the confidence and competence in the world.


Yours educationally,

Mr Darin Carr

BSc Dip Ed, Flipped Teacher Certified Level 1, 2, Differentiation Specialist and Trainer
Science Teacher
St Columba’s Catholic College