What is the In-Flip?

OK, we know that Flipping your class involves getting the students to watch  a video at home in the individual space and then do activities, projects etc in class (the group space) related to that content.

What then is an In-Flip and why would you do it?


In-Flip and why should you do it?

This is when the students watch the videos in class rather than when they are at home. In other words, the individual space and group space are both occuring in the classroom.

Reasons to do an In-Flip may be:

  1. Under-resourced students. If your  students do not have internet at home, computers at home or even time at home (due to home reasons).
  2. Complex concept being taught. You might want to still make learning the content student centered (taking notes from video at their own pace etc) BUT you want to observe how they are recieving the information and be available for any clarifications etc. You may have placed questions in the video at spoecific points (see post on Individual Space 5 Tips) and then discuss an aspect of it before they can proceed to the nect section.
  3. Differentiate instruction through Tiered Instruction. Access to videos based on student ability. This is usually done via setting up different stations around the room. The stations may be on the same skill / content and be tiered or they may be on specific skills etc that certain students complete according to a learning sheet (provided by teacher).
  4. More control of the learning environment. Sometimes initially with a class you might do the first few lessons as an In-Flip experience so you can model and students practise note taking skills.
  5. Accountability. Students who enter the classroom and have NOT Flipped at home may b e required to In-Flip. It is important to not re-teach the class. They should go to a location in the class, use headphones and do an In-Flip to take their class notes before they complete the group space activities.


But wait, there’s more….. “Different Models of In-Flip”

There are 7 different types of In-Flip which can be grouped into TWO categories

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