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A quick way to test the students understanding of KEY concepts / terms (which we call Subject Specific Terminology) is to do a Sort activity mind-map.

Today the students were given 5min (timed) to match the definitions, pictures of key terms AND then create meaning between them using chalk drawing pens. The end result was a mind map of terms and their interconnectedness.

Question: How did I determine the key terms?

Answer: Assessment for learning ‘exit ticket from a previous lesson!

A learning ticket was given to the students and marked. This informed me that many students had issues in determining the difference between: distance, displacement, velocity, position etc

After handing the tickets back (lesson 2) and going through the terms I used the sort card activity (Science Duo) by selecting

those terms from the complete deck. At the beginning of the 3rd lesson, the students had 5min to do the activity before they sat down (also known as a Bell ringer).

This learning strategy will be revisited frequently when new terms become introduced. As a result, their ‘web’ of knowledge will grow and how the terms are related to each-other changes. Towards the end of the unit, they will take a picture of these terms and see how they are related. The bonus of re-visiting the terms becomes a revision activity for many students as each time they experience a term (eg displacement), they revise its meaning and example. Then as new terms are introduced, they get better at making connections between the key terms.

I will encourage them to take pictures of  other groups, as well to see how different minds create alternate connections of the terms.

I hope this gives you some insight (for the parents) of how constantly challenging understanding of terms is what we need to do as learners. Just reading over your notes may not be the most effective strategy. Making new connections between concepts is what pushes our brain to understand a concept completely and see how they are connected to other concepts. (not just rote learn a definition)

Keep up the wonderful learning yr10.

Yours educationally

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