Making Videos- Doesn’t have to be Flashy

Making videos for kids to watch doesn’t have to be flashy! The phrase “It’s not all about the videos” is something you will hear when discussing Flipped Learning. Many people think it is, but it isn’t.

Having animated, flashy green screen videos may be great, but they are time consuming. The kids basically want to get the information from YOU in an efficient manner and this can be done in many ways:

  1. Using your Phone
  2. Screencasting software (computer and iPad)
  3. Lightboard
  4. Document Camera

    1. Using your Phone

This is the easiest method to make a quick video. You can hold it like a selfie and just talk (not recommended) or attach it to a tripod, stand or a bit of Blue-Tack on a bench. As long as it is facing you and has you in the frame.

Press record and start presenting. I would recommend thinking about better audio (later post), but the in built mic can do it if you are in a quiet room.

Once you have recorded your video, then you need to share it to you email, Google drive. You may then place it into a video editing program if you wish to modify any of it and then upload to YouTube.


     2. Screencasting Software

I use Screencast-O-Matic which has a FREE and paid version. It is not that expensive, so I paid for the full version to get full functionality. Basically it can record the screen of your computer, so if you have Power Points, then just record yourself  walking through the Power Point (audio) OR you can use the option of having your face in the bottom corner 🙂 .

Either way, the students get the information from your presentation video before class. Just record, save and upload. Simple..


     3. Lightboard

Here is a picture of my lightboard at home. At my school, we have a dedicated room with lightboard (bigger than my home version), but does the same function.

This option allows you to face the students and walk through your content as you draw it up. You can keep it simple or make it a little fancy with video, picture overlays (more on that in later posts).






    4. Document Camera

With this option, you record your won hand as you draw, mark etc

This is a great way to show the students how to measure angles, draw objects, construct graphs etc AND it can be used to give video feedback to students as you mark their paper! (more on that in a future post).



I hope that has given you some ideas and shown you how easy it is to make videos. Of course you can get more complex, but it can be done quickly, efficiently and with minimal time.


Keep an eye out for future posts, videos and workshops (at my school) if you want to learn more.

Yours in learning,


Mr Darin Carr


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