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We know that learning a concept well involves examining it from multiple angles. Today in class, my Yr10 students examined the central concept of ‘Average Speed’ in a variety of ways. They explored this concept via stations on:

  • S: ‘Summary Station’

    Exploring average speed of a constant velocity Buggy car.
  • C: Create station

  • I: Interpret station (examining data in a table, thus numeracy skills)

  • E: Experiment station (hands on learning using a constant velocity car)

  • N: Navigate stationĀ  where they matched key terms (SST) with their meaning to reveal a mystery

    Match terms to definitions and find the Mystery Word or Phrase.


  • C: Challenge station, where they answered questions on a site called Boom Learning.

  • E: Extend station to take them further

(This amazing learning activity is from The Science Duo. I have modified some of the stations for my kids and the equipment available).


They also explored an amazingly visual and interactive station using Boom Cards. This is a digital way to make and use (self-marking) cards that students explore on their learning device.

Using coloured Doodle notes also gave them a visual way to summarise, revise key ideas for average speed. Here you can see a studentĀ  completing their Doodle Notes in coloured pencil which aids in memory recall (compared to black dominant note taking).


The students did a great job showing focus at multi-tasking, which are key ingrediants in scientists.

Keep up the good work yr 10.

Mr Carr



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