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4.2 Manage classroom activities


Looking for a quick state change activity that gets the students thinking, revising and moving?


Snowball throw solves all these requirements and it’s super simple with little to no  preparation.


  1. Get 5 or 6 (number is up to you and class size) students to write a key word / concept in the middle of a blank piece of paper. eg Globalisation, Tectonics, Parts of Speech, etc
  2. Scrunch up the paper into a ball and throw them to another group or table so other students can unravel the paper and add information onto the paper.
  3. Continue to throw around the classroom and add information until there is no room left on the paper.
  4. Unravel and the final student has a summary sheet of the main key terms which they copy and then share. They can share it on a LMS, notice board  or similar to everyone has a copy of the class contributions.


Benefits of Strategy

  • Collaboration between students in creating study notes.
  • Active note making.
  • Can be used as a boredom buster to break up long periods of sitting.


Beginning of the year and class icebreakers

You can also use a modification of this at the beginning of the year to get students to communicate and get to know each other.  To do this, get each student to write their name on a piece of paper and include 2 or 3 interesting things about themselves.

Divide the class into two separate groups and throw paper balls back and forth for a while, then stop throwing. Each student gets the closest ball near them, opens it up and then finds the person on the paper. They then talk with them and swap information and maybe add extra pieces.

Easy, quick and flexible strategy. Have fun with it.

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