Learn like a baby

Before the age of 2, you learnt 26 letters in order and could recall them by sight and in order if needed. You could do this because you learned the material in a very smart way, a way that you should be learning your material now, but have forgotten.


Watch the video to see how.








We learn new information via 3 main ways:

1) Visually

2) Auditory (hearing)

3) Kinaesthetic (using our hands)


When you learned the alphabet, you did so by learning it in many ways over these three methods (painting, drawing them in sand, visually seeing models, watching TV which also had music, painting etc).

As described in the video, you can see that they way your brain most likely likes to learn is by:

  • Processing visual information (usually in the middle of field)……………. not left to right in rows
  • Using colour…………. not all one colour (black or blue like your pens)


What does this mean?

You must change the way you take notes. No longer should your notes be predominately in one colour, written left to right across the page with little organisation, heading, pictures etc They should have:

  • colour (text, key terms)
  • Flow diagrams, pictures
  • Underlines, Symbols

All of these draw your eye to key ideas and things to remember, ask further questions etc. They become more ACTIVE and easier to remember, they spark further exploration of the material rather than just a ‘slab’ of text.

A popular method of note taking is called Cornell notes which I have adapted and illustrated below.




As you can see, they are more active, they get you to think about your notes, link them to new learning, find the meaning of terms you are unfamiliar with, link them to traditional homework (learning Preparation), make flash cards from etc.


The next phase would be how you review these notes and how often. Please check the posts that examine these as a study program looks at many aspects of learning. Just like a sports person examines and makes changes too many aspects of their performance (form, nutrition, training times etc), we too must make changes to different aspects of your study / learning workflow.

Your in education,

Mr Darin Carr


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