Controlling Fire

An important skill in scientific investigations is being able to light a Bunsen. This skill was being taught to the yr 7 this week and they loved every second of being able to Bunsen Burner masters who can control the power of a Bunsen that can reach temperatures of up to 1,500 oC.

The students were guided through the steps of lighting a Bunsen safely which were:

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  1. Wear safety goggles
  2. Check Bunsen tube for any holes etc
  3. Connect to the gas tape
  4. Ensure the
  5. Air vent is closed
  6. Light the match
  7. Position lit match over mouth of Bunsen
  8. Turn on the gas


The Bunsen should now be lit, then they had to demonstrate turning the collar to adjust the flow of oxygen reaching the jet.

This made two types of flames:

  1. Yellow safety flame
  2. Blue heating flame


Here is a short video of some of the developing scientists lighting their Bunsen burners.





They all did a great job and learnt how to light a match safely and then light the Bunsen. The next step is to use this new skill to heat liquids and investigate if adding salt to water has any effect on its boiling point.


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