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Yr 11 Physics students this week explored the wonders of generating motion graphs while collecting data using LEGO EV3Robots, mechanical cars and a fantastic data logger car called Smartcart. They designed their own program through simple coding and recorded the motion of the EV3 robot.


To create distance – time graphs using a variety of devices (Bee Bot robot, EV3 robot, constant velocity car and PASCO data logger Smart cart)


  • Collect 1st hand data in a collaborative group (team)
  • Use that data to construct a distance time graph that describes motion.
  • Use the graph to calculate various features of motion such as velocity, displacement and acceleration.


Pics and video to be added soon…


They are ready to explore the full capabilities of the PASCO cart and LEGO robot in other activities. Why not leave a comment if you are part of this class to share your experiences, ask a question or to share some great resources you have found online that also illustrate x-t graphs.

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